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We produces brass rod as well as alloy rod, copper rod and extruded shapes. Shapes manufactured are round, hexagonal, square, rectangular and specialty Copper & Brass rod product is made from copper based material which is the one metal that gives the industry its most multi-functional high performance alloys.


  • Arsenic copper rod ------ DPA Grade
  • Copper Rod ----- for general Engg. Purpose
  • Electrolytic Tough Pitch ----- High Conductivity Copper Rods.
  • CuCd
  • CUZn43 Pb2
  • High Tensile Brass Rods
  • Brass Rods for general Engg. Purpose ----- CuZn20
  • Brass Rods for general Engg. Purpose ----- Cuzn30
  • Brass Rods for general Engg. Purpose ----- Cuzn40
  • Free cutting Brass Rods
  • Naval Brass Rod for Cold beating
  • Naval Brass Rods
  • Leaded Brass



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